Yes, it’s absolutely safe

We has been working since 2014 and looking at professionalism of members of our team and positive responses of our clients, you can be convinced that we are legit. If you do not get a cards, we will refund the money! If you do not trust us, you can always make your order through Escro

Immediately after payment, we will receive a notification of your order and process it. If you ordered cards, we will ship your order within 1 day. If you ordered a transfer, we will send it within 1-1.5 hours.

All cards are safe for delivery and are not prohibited items. We make sure to send the cards in safe packages such as: greeting cards, magazines and more. In addition, our cards look exactly like a regular credit card with a high quality of printing and embossing.

Visa and MasterCard are international cards, and you can withdraw them at any ATM.

Transfer Western Union sent all over the world and it takes 1hour to 3 hours maximum for generating MTCN . You Will Get MTCN Code With Sender Info and Amount And Then You Can Pick Up Funds From Any Westernunion Store


1: Full name

2: Cell number (Not Necessary)

3: City

4: Country

5: Valid email for sending you MTCN info etc

Of course, we withdraw for ourselves. But we cannot cash much money in one small city, because it is dangerous. It is also very dangerous to cooperate with agents in other cities, because they can be the police. It is easier and safer for us to deal with the sale. We also believe in Bitcoin and hope to get rich with it.

5: Valid email for sending you MTCN info etc

CLONED CARD is a card whose details have been copied using a dedicated device called “ATM Skimmer” or by hacking into credit card databases on the Internet. The card is associated with a person’s bank account PREPAID CARD is a card that can be used anywhere that accept a visa or MasterCard but the difference is that it is a card that is not associated with any bank account and does not have any identification information and therefore its use is completely anonymous! The limit for cash withdrawals at ATMs is $ 1500 per day.

es, we do. All cards have magnetic stripe & chip with 4 Digit PIN Code

We can send cards to any country

You can buy them in various bitcoin markets on clearnet. The sites that we personally recommend are, or

Yes, you can. You can use our cards for online shopping or other online payments

Yes absolutely safe. As we explained, the money will be sent from a clean and verified account with six-month transactions history.

After payment, send the transaction number and your item to email.