Ever wondered how people get there hands on bank logs, PayPal accounts, CC ,Email addresses, and all sorts online accounts? Wonder no More, I will briefly explain and give you hints on how to become a pro at SPAMMING and start making some real cash. I have a master class tutorial at the end of this and you can choose whichever fits you. Its in 3 different packages that you can chose from. I promise 100% Results when you purchase any of the 3 packages.

First of we will see what do we mean by term spamming. Wikipedia definition:

Email spam, also known as unsolicited bulk Email (UBE), junk mail, or unsolicited commercial email (UCE), is the practice of sending unwanted email messages, frequently with commercial content, in large quantities to an indiscriminate set of recipients. In simple language spamming means to send bulk mails to people in order to flood there mails or to make them fool and make some real $C@sh^.

Why we spam?

1.To get Bank Logs by spamming different banks.

2.To get cc,fullz.

3.To get Accounts like paypals,dating sites etc.

4.To spread our malware like zeus, keyloggers etc

There are endless reasons to spam but these were some of common reasons for spamming

Now we learned what is spamming and why we spam or for what purpose we spam lets learn how to spam

Before we learn how to spam we need to know the meaning of general terms:

1.Leads: Leads is the term used to refer to email list, it’s basically another name for the common term email list. Leads aka email list is list of email addresses of people we are going to spam.

2.AMS(Advanced Mass Sender): It is a windows based tool which we used to spam, here we add our SMTP, load our email list aka leads, add email from which mail will be delivered for example if we are spamming chase bank we add email of chase bank like no- reply@chase.com and add our scam letter.

3.Scam Pages: Scam pages is another name of the Phishing page, its basically a replication of the original page. Its used to get logs from our victims.

4.Scam letter: Scam letter aka fake mail is the name given to a email which is replica of original mail, here we tweak the original mail and edit asking victim to login to our scam page and we will get his logs.

5.PHP mailer: PHP mailer is a script which is used to spam our leads, this is another method of spamming. In this we don’t use AMS tool, we spam via this PHP script.

6.Cpanel: Cpanel is is the hosting panel of a website, in simple language it’s a panel from where a admin of a particular site manages his/her website. We use cpanel to host our scam page.    Now question arises why we don’t used our own cpanel host to host our scam page?    The answer is simple hosting websites don’t allow scam pages on their servers so we used hacked cpanels to host our pages

7.SMTP (Simple mail Transfer Protocol): SMTP is generally an application which runs on a server which is used to transmit and receive emails, in simple language we use SMTP to send our mails to our victims

Methods of Spamming?

There are two ways of spamming:

  1. Spamming Via SMTP and AMS.
  2. Spamming Via PHP Mailer.